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Dear Friends Family & Colleagues 

As you all know I have had a special and exciting year!  

I was truly lucky to introduce my sweet daughter Zoe Belle to this world, and as a freelancer I took my time to get to know her.  


That being said, I’m back!!! 

I am reaching out to my circle to share, and to ask that if anyone knows people Who need or may need my services, please don’t hesitate to shoot them a message and share ❤️. 


I am ready to create again & to offer my talents, my designer studio and my professionalism to the clients that need them.  

My talents lie in working with and for people, weather it’s to capture a brief a stunning portrait, style or a series of moments I do my work with the best most professional skills and attention to detail.  

My philosophy is that if we enjoy what we do, & the process, the end result is spectacular! When shooting people it is an important job to make them feel good to produce the most flattering results! 

I am eager to work with professionals in their fields weather with creative directors and digital branding firms, Photo-editors to magazine and news platforms both print or digital.  HR for Corporate companies that need stellar portraits, Lifestyle entrepreneurs and  Media Marketing Managers who need to create stunning visuals to stay relevant in today’s market for social media and advertising visuals. 


Looking forward to getting my creative groove back.

I would also be open to a part time position that would award me the potential to creatively grow with a brand or creative house.  

I appreciate your help in advance and would love to hear your thoughts if you have any.



Lynn C 



Spot Light

DV Girls  אופנה לילדים

In 1991, a very pregnant Demi Moore appeared nude on the cover of Vanity Fair shot by the phenomenal Annie Levowitz. With that iconic cover, a sea change occurred in how pregnancy is portrayed in print. Pregnancy is no longer something to be hidden underneath giant clothes, but something to be celebrated in all its glory.

Pregnancy is a complicated, exciting and confusing time for most women.  Our bodies change and our minds are in a confused hyper mode, hormones are reigning and we, even if it is unjustified feel HUGE.

As a photographer and an artist i have always admired the maternal shape feeling it was extremly sexy......

Anchor 1

as a spectator, it is quite different to see my own reflection looking back at me.  As wonderfully bizarre as this time is, it’s quite an alien concept.  It is overwhelming and shocking each time something moves and a moment in life I am not sure I will feel again or ever in the same way.  It is a time to start freezing memories and creating art

.to remember whilst feeling beautiful

That being said, as in most things in life the “The cobler usually goes bare-foot”…( a known saying in hebrew) but not this time.  I have been blessed to see my fare share of maternity clients friends and family members this past year, not to mention since i became a full-time artist…..  So it has been extra exciting to indulge notably with the creative and brave souls that let me go wild and create more than a great memory but a work of art.   Something that commemorates a . time in their life and a part of the growing story that is their family

I truly indulge in celebrating femininity & creativity and feeling like albeit a slight inflated princesses.  After all the turbulent upland downs of this chapter it is not only fitting, but well deserved to feel pampered and enjoy a playful once in a life-time photo session. In order to_____

Gift certificates available.

So Spread the word with your fertile lady friends and loved ones <3

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