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Adventure Board Book 

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 Children and parents  will love exploring "Zoe’s Amazing Adventures, Journeys through Dreamscapes."  The sweet, colorful scenes reinforce a message that with unconditional love we have the inspiration awarded to dream freely. This book will arouse and aid imagination with fun bright pictures and the interactive elements will grow with baby and adults alike.  

Each page has a stand-alone quality, Metric rhyming poem that resonate with the one of a kind playful artwork.  Every adventure is paired with a quintessential quote meant to inspire the caregiving readers while adding an element that babies can mature into. The final spread is not only a sensory reflective game for small babies but a call to action for parents to be a part of our community and join in the imaginative fun.

I am a working artist in Tel Aviv Israel, originating from NY.  As a photographer I have been published multiple times in many different facets of this industry. While on maternity leave, living in my loft studio I started to explore a fresh project with my newest muse.  An exciting and whimsical photo essay emerged. Organically Zoe’s love for books inspired the next chain of events…  This lead me to the notion that this artistic venture might be predestined.

As an established creative professional I am aware of and adore the collaborative process.  Once I share this manuscript it is your direction that will make it even more spectacular, and help put it  in the tiny readers hands to inspire and live on.

Lynn Counio 


Tel +972 52 654 5804



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