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Yoga offers kids a healthy way to

  • have fun

  • play

  • exercise

  • stretch muscles

  • strengthen muscles

  • practice coordination

  • maintain balance

  • develop body awareness

  • a non competitive approach

  • practice mindfulness

  • increase confidence while building a positive self image

  • learn skills to calming and self regulating big feelings

  • learn breathing techniques that also reduce stress

Children's Yoga is Wonderful


Through the amazing resources of children's

literature, I love to approach kids

yoga as an opportunity for

fun & growth whiling

utilizing our body  & minds.

 The magic of using books

as a lesson guide awards  

potential life lessons in

between the calm.

Promoting a mindful approach through yoga and play

Some of the Literary Favorite Class Guide

The Giving Tree

Where the Wild Things Roam

Ayelet's Adventure

The Cow Said Neigh


Giraffes Can't Dance

How to catch a star

Alice and Wonderland

Turtle Batsboots

I'm Not scared 

The Little Mermaid

The Story Book Knight

Promoting a Mindful approach through Yoga & Play

LYNN COUNIO - 516-914-9124

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